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Modern Money Operations

We discuss  modern monetary policy solutions most feared by the Plutocracy.



Seniors Killing Disabled 

MSM: Lies About Deficits

Origins: Modern Monetary Theory

MMT: The Viable Solution

Kill F.I.C.A.

The U.S. Trade Scam

Trans Pacific Trade Scam

Monetary Sovereignty

Galbraith on Deficits

Obama, Austerity and Stupidity

The Good Federal Deficit

USA: The Corruption of Truth

The Stooges of Economics

Demagogue The Deficit

No More Buy America

Dollars are I.O.U.s

We Told You So

They Saw It Coming

Bush Era & Real Deficits

Identity Papers Pls

Why Deficit Spending?

The Good Federal Deficit

Explaining Modern Money

Modern Money Primer

Lying About The CPI

Cantor Dictates Shutdown

Greenspan's Fraud

Obamacare Explained

Obama: Fix These Now

Oligarchs Love Huge Deficits

Monetary Sovereignty

Public Purpose of Money

Prof. Kelton & MMT

The MMT Solution 

Money Explained

A New Monetary System

Why Do They Tax Us?

Federal Tax Con Game

The Fraud In U.S. Tax Policy

Timeline US Recessions

So You Want To Vote-Ya Right



Fraud and the Fed

Greenspan’s Fraud Redux

Republican Budget Scam

American Banking Fraud


Krugman A 1% Pimp

Affordable Health Care & You

Obamacare & You

Gaming Inflation Data

Hyperinflation 2011-2020

How the Banks Rob the US

Pyramid of Capitalism

Who Creates Jobs?

Capitalism and Democracy

OWS Declaration 

Your State Has Money

North Dakota's Genius

A Genius Amongst Use

The Regulations Myth

Out With Labor Day

Rich Get Richer

Ringing Your Bell

Books & National Money

The Big Spenders

They Knew

Ltr.:Congressman Moran

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Warren Mosler created Modern Monetary Theory from his examination of how the Federal government actually functions to create, spend, tax and borrow its sovereign currency.  This site supports his extraordinary insight into those daily functions of our government's fiscal and monetary operations.  MMT is not theory, philosophy or ideology, it's simply a description of how this "Money Thing" works.

However, there exists, today, a ruinous devotion to balancing the national budget. We see it in our elected officials, main steam media, TV pundits, and unfortunately, our academic elites and the general public. Fortunately, the Internet provides a mostly uncensored medium through which an infinite stream of opinions, facts, and hypotheses can be presented, debated, supported or, discarded. There also exists a plethora of academic and scholarly articles supporting and opposing MMT. 

Here I take the heterodox position on monetary policy. That is, a sovereign government that issues its own floating rate, fiat currency is not revenue constrained. In other words, taxes are not needed to fund the government. It does not need to balance its budget since it does not need revenue when issuing its own currency.  

Would you?

I re-post articles that challenge and indeed contradict received wisdom about fiscal policy from government agencies, and other "self proclaimed authorities."

Thanks for spending a few moments examining the indisputable facts of monetary sovereignty.